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Who could have foreseen it, the epic ending.
The hero is on his knees now, the ground is trembling.
And I'm still here, breathing in lightly,
what would you want me to say?
The snake bites its master, Lilith is cast out.
Two lovers are bickering, one of them lash out.
And I'm still here, bleeding out silently,
What would you have me do?
And i can't love you, it's not in my design,
and i wont change, not with time,
and lies won't warm in the coldest night.
These wings don't fly.
Another hundred, thousand years vanish,
as the heretic is captured, and branded.
My will bends here, screaming out,
I've already called it a truce.
Another lost soul, seeks repentance,
the prodigal son returns to the heavens.
And I'm still here, seeking out,
what would I have to lose?

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