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Like a breath of fresh air, turned stale.
Your presence in my life could only make me pale,
and hey, I could have been a little more gracious,
A little less naked, and a little less wasted.
But that's all in the past..
I guess the party had to close at last.
I'll get a couple cans of beer, and go back.
I guess it was just a fad.
What is love at first sight, when i can't stand looking at you?
I can get drunk with my friends instead,
And who coulda predicted, you were nothing but bad news.
Fuck it, I'm going out.
I'm going out again, with some of my friends.
Getting drunk again, the taste of bitterness.
Cause the taste of you, make me wanna puke.
I threw up the last time i got a taste of you.
This ain't no top gun, she ain't no damn fun,
Can't get to the pub fast enough.
So lets just raise the glass forever,
Forget the bad weather, and laugh together.
Got a taste of you, threw up that night.
Lied my face off, when i said i'm okay.
Rather drink a bottle of scotch, and pass out,
than being with you.

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