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Sweet Believer - text


You are weak and uncertain
Can I make a choice?
How you long to hear a truthful voice
When it is calling, calling to you

Are you really listening
Baby, am I getting through to you?

You are down and disheartened
And your time have been spent
Now you wonder where your goodness went
Well, don´t look behind you
I can´t find you in the past

Sweet serenity,
How can I make this feeling last?

On your knees when I´m conquered
Taxed beyond your strength
Now you know the Prince of Darkness will go to any land
To keep you from flying, flying too high

Sweet uncertainty,
I know I´m not afraid to die

I am leaving my body of my own free will
Searching for the thrill and ecstasy, ecstasy
Only body, won´t you let my spirit free?

When I heard you were dying
I rushed right to your side
Knowing I was to be the one who is bright
And falling, falling away

Sweet believer,
Shall you take my breath away
Shall you take my breath away
Take my breath away

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