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The Name - text


Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

Okay Ive always heard the name ya'll. The old folks tried to warn me.
I thought I knew what they were talking about because I've always heard the stories.
But never felt it for myself ya'll. Oh until just the other day.
Then something happens in my spirit everytime I say that name.

That name is (Jesus).

I hear the churches sing the Blood songs like it'll never lose it power.
I hear the people say they need the lord every minute every hour.
But I never felt it for myself ya'll until just the other night.
I called the name of Jesus and afterwards I felt alright.

Yeah it was like a (cool breeze) blowing on inside.
A (water) rushing in my body.
He a (fire) burning away everything that I don't need and making me right.
It was to real to act like it wasn't happening,
happened to fast for me to suppress it.
And after that I dried my eyes,
and I couldn't stop smiling cuz the whole time mother was right.

When I called (Jesus).

And if I'm ever in a situation
and I might fall down
He'll be a friend, He'll be around.
He's something like a strong tower
yeah he can take away the pain,
and if you want his power you gotta call his name.

And His name is (Jesus).

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