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Lookin for a new/beginning
Gonna take it from the top
Can't afford to lose
Too busy winning
And you know it ain't gon stop
Behold all things (yea)
All old things are become new
I'm a I'm a new
I'm a new
I'm a new creature...
[Verse 1:]
You're not only
The best thing that happened
To me
But your simply
The best thing that
Ever happened
Now ya'll already
Know the story
That's why I praise and
Give him glory
I clap my hands and cut a rug
Toe tappin
Born in sin
Wrapped in flesh
All this wrong inside of me
And even now
After the cross
I still struggle
But I'm so glad
I'm ecstatic
That Christ paid the price for me
And who the Son set free
Is free indeed.
[Verse 2:]
Look at my hands
And my skin
Don't know about you but I feel different
I'm not the same man
That I was
Back then
Back when
I was livin life so ghastly
I wouldn't put nothing pass me
If it was out there and available
I did it
But I repented and I'm different
And I can feel it
Look how the sun shines
And I beseech you to get with it
And I can feel it
You'll have a good time
Come receive your deliverance
Get your breakthrough
The yolk is easy
And who the Son set free
Is free indeed...
And there is no condemnation
No no

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