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Nothing Too Hard - text


Here we go... nothing's impossible
Thru Christ
All things are possible
Ha ha ha ha ha haa is there anything too hard
There is nothing too hard for my God.

[Verse 1:]
Who cares what they think
What they say
Greater is He that's within me
Thru Him
I can do anything
Forget about the statistics
Molecular principles
Scientific laws
Because I serve a God who is above them all
But I'm sorry
I just happen to be crazy enough
To believe
Every word decreed, promised, written down or spoken (spoken)

So the sky ain't the limit no mo
No cause the sky is way way too low
Now that I got the Lord
And the Holy Ghost
Ain't no limit to how high I can go
Nothing's impossible
Sorry if u think so
All things are possible
Thru Christ if u don't like it well... ha ha ha ha ha haa is there anything too hard
There is nothing too hard for my God.

[Verse 2:]
We've got the vision
Dream dreams night and day
Creativity and innovation
But what we lack faith
If we don't see it
We give up and call it a lost
Cause it's too hard to depend on God...
But no matter how I feel or what I see
My God has given me victory
Over everything and I believe it
Receive it.


No obstacle
Or trial
He's able to perform miracles
Get on board
With The Lord
Let Him be your
Shield and Sword
Because there is nothing too hard for my God to do
Just believe and let Him work it out for you... [repeat]

Here we go...

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