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With Murderous Precision - text


He escapes... his task is under way
One goal... to achieve the needed kill
For 15 years he's been confined, For 15 years he's planned this day
Malevolence towards just one person and the innocent to his way
Only one... saw the beast within the man
Shape is formed... warnings fall on deafened ears
Unknown to all the horror that will devastate their very lives
And consume their existence through many years of time

Search is on... but he's nowhere to be found
Lurking... returning to his home
A trail of terror marks his path with
Unseen murderous precision
Night has fallen all are victims of his dark intentions
One by one... the count of bodies grow
Leading to... the life who drives his urge
The search is over he's now found the one who
Feeds his seething rage
The time is now for all
He's planned to come true this fateful day

The shape he's taken form,
Blank faceless disguise
To cover years of hate, only seen are his eyes

Compulsion for one life desired parricide
Uncontrollable force

Impulses in his mind

Knife in hand... he stalks his chosen prey
Within grasp... injuries slow escape, discovering the friends are
Murdered, cries for help may not be heard, a fear of death now consuming
The one man will soon rescue her
Fired shots, six land in his chest
Inhuman, his soul will never rest
Almost captured she survives although she will be scarred for life
Unknown to her he still breathes and
Vengeance will not end tonight

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Video přidala Zruda666

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