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Life marked for the hit,
Before a man that's sworn to hate,
to plan his kill, premeditate.
Contracts are signed, victim dies,
Tools of the trade, build to slay,
No detail left to careless thought.
Relentless pursuit of accuracy,
the touch of death, addicted needs.
Whatever it takes to make you bleed,
Gunning for you now.
Heed the call of his brain,
Self taught and killing trained,
Can never lose the game.
Excitement and adrenaline instilled,
living for the thrill to kill.
Embrace the chase and the stalking.
Cold polished steel, tight in his fist. With vigor,
looking over the victims on his list.
The power possessed keeps his life sustained,
the power invested is to power to slay.
Plead for your life.
This makes his smile wide.
Please don't take my life.
Enjoy your begging now you... Die!
Can never feel repent,
Can never feel remorse,
Just set to fulfill his violent course
Excitement and adrenaline instilled,
Living for the thrill to kill.
Embrace the chase and the stalking.
Play again and again,
Play as much as he can,
Play until the very end.
Feel no pain,
Never loss, only gain.
A killer who's quite sane.
I've done it always...
as far as you've known or heard...
There isn't too many things I haven't tried...
no matter has it was done, I mean I've known guys
that went to sleep and never woke up again,
I mean, you know...

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