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Once You Killed A Cow You Gotta Make A Burger - text


There's a sign
That helps us start investigation
Empty bottles of wine (of wine)
And a line of spew will show the way

Our mission for this morning is
Looking for our beer bud Ernando
Starting from the place where he missed
But no one can remember that

Tell us about him
Stealing a crocodile
Yes he could
We all do fucking believe
Tell us about him
Stealing a crocodile
Not a question if you
Not a question if you know him
Not a question - tell us about him bitch
We know he fucking could

If only we knew what tonight brings
We'd still hope that it lasts forever
And no one cares about all those things
The next day we wouldn't even really slightly remember
A night spent with a crocodile
Will remain in my memories for a while
And a naked picture of us
Still reminds that it wasn't, it wasn't water in the glass
We are the kings of the world

The gangsters without a reward
The morning after I can't spell my name

The morning after I can't spell my name
Tomorrow it's all the same

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