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I wake up in destruction, in the streets of despair
I looked into the ruins and nobody was there
Am I dreaming? Is he dreaming?
But then I gathered courage and rose up to the sky
My will is strong as steel so I'm reborn as a fly
I'm believing! He's believing
Into explosive fire, my friends I'm rising higher
I'm building up my fortress in the night
Outta devastated nations
A newborn generation is building up their life
We came out of the darkness, we're flying with the wind
Rizing home, rizing home
For a better future we sing our freedom hymn
Rizing home, rizing home
Ri-ri-ri-ri-rizing home, rizing home
You sing it
Ri-ri-ri-ri-rizing home, rizing home
We're rizing home
No more hypocrites with all their lies and their hate
The snake has killed itself with bombs of sinister fate
I'm fighting! He's fighting!
Still standing in the ruins of their nuclear war
But still I see some hope when I look up to the stars
I'm rising-rising home

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