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It is an age of total disorder
The ruthless rule with pain
No matter what you try to ignore them
They reach out with their hate
Now is the time to get your redemption
And hear the rebel call
We understand the turmoil inside ya
Let's fight it once for all
Broken outlaw, come and you will see
Like an eagle, forever young and free
And here we stand together, heroes in the storm
A wasted generation, but our time has come
We're born for freedom and no one can stop our dream
All together: mavericks supreme
High in the clouds on the roofs we are standing
And call for you my friend
We meet at night, our lights are ascending
A rally of the damned
Let us embrace as brothers and sisters
And finally show them all
That there is hope to find something different
A new world, after all
Hey, all my friends, I know they are coming for us
But they can't catch us. Let them come
We got one thing that they will never have: freedom!
We stand together as one, united forever!
So raise your hand to the sky and sing with us
We are mavericks supreme!

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