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I walked on empty highways
Through the fire on the hills
I was coated with the burned clay
Of the houses I once build
I searched to find some guidance
A dawn of hope, a sign
Then I saw their massive presence
Their silhouettes shine in the night
Come join our forces, they said
We bring some light into the night
It's not too late
Come join the last brigade
Out time has come, we stand as one
No more we wait
We are the last brigade
The last brigade
We are the sons and daughters
Of the once who sought believe
We're a river of clear water
In a dessert filled with grief
We fight to build a new land
New civilization come
A spark of hope in our hands
A new time has just begun
So sing our anthem tonight
Burn the bridges of the past now
We are the new humanity
We proclaim out of the front row
A new land of destiny
On the hills above the wasteland
We shall repair what we once had
Bring back justice to the nomads
You must believe, 'cause you're not dead

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