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I know a place
inside my broken heart,
forever You and I in a park
I know a place
where You and I become
united in the sun
Two thousand years ago
a child came to this world,
with a mission to divine our lives
You took our sins away,
and left this crazy place,
with a promise to come back again
God help me see
the garden of my own
So I can breathe and sail away
I want to follow your Words today
but shadows are distracting my way
The servant must he shine
to cross the border line,
or design the secret key
when he sail upon the sea
Take me home please God (x2)
Let this journey of light
be my sunrise tonight.
Take me home please God (x2)
On your wings I will ride
through the night
Inside our wicked souls
he nailed a secret place
Bow for the altar, seek those days
The desert speaks the same:
Receive the simple truth
Drink from the well with the king of Jews
Father bless my soul,
Wisdom hear my goal,
so I can leave this raging cave
Top-secret memories explain my grief
I turn to my Father, my Chief
The world has left me cold
Pollutions make me old
I will see your face one day,
when I walk on your golden way

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