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Deep in a forest
a dungeon prepare mystic eye,
Mystic eye, mystic eye...
to change the reality,
just to control all the wise

The eye of the wolf
hunts foolish sense to the grave
In the end he shall not succeed
with this way to behave

Do not choose the blind way
The dungeon gate
won’t help your fate,
won’t help your fate

Mystic eye,
gives my pain in my sorrow
Mystic eye,
yesterday is tomorrow
Mystic eye,
has its heart full of lies
Rob and steal in disguise
in this Mystic eye

Oh Father, oh Father
please take this sign of my hand
Forgive me, forgive me
free all the bounds where I stand
So many people have lost their lives
into the night

Dry to go
you’re hiding from strangers
High and low
you’re looking for danger
Time to go
and search for the Saviour
Die for gold
the eye of a prayer

Disguised as an angel
he tries to deceive human race
Not even a costume
can cover the death in his face

The dark empty forest
has paralysed and bound many names
Beware of the sinful lifestyle
Your life is no game

Oooh the Mystic eye
Gives me pain in my sorrow
Oooh the Mystic eye
Gives me pain in my sorrow

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