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Heavy wounds are bleeding,
when you leave your empty soul
Search to breath the lightness,
but shadows only see the dawn

So many fortunetellers
have put your faith in a harmless stone
You’re lost in endless voices
and fight your way into hidden storms

There is a dreamland,
a land by gold,
a brand new kingdom stands,
a dream so old,
a land of gold sand
it’s made for you and me
I pray to see the land

Oh Father of might...
Give me!
... a sign up in the air
See the footprints in the golden sand
When you cross the river, feel no pain
Just take His hand,
He’ll lead you to the Promised Land

See my footprints on the golden sand
when I cross the river there is no pain
I take His hand and
we enter the Promised Land

When the scenes from lifetime
flash in front your haunted eyes,
you see a Man from dreamland,
who guides your footsteps in the sand

I feel His mighty hand,
the footprints in the sand

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