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Emotions of a Picture - text

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If one day remains
and the truth is to end the glory,
What picture will you paint this day
If you fall into sleep, endless pain
Wake up the sirens will scream your name
You will lose your soul
and self-control
Not even pictures can cover that pain
The scene on the screen
temptations of healing ages
The witch has now become your mate
But the light in her eye is a fake
One day she will burn and receive her fate
You must make a choice
to which cross will you bow,
only you can decide your own fate
Hail to the King
Hail the keeper of the key
Hail to the King
Hail to the King
I know a place,
with You I belong
Let the millennium come
The shine will be
a journey to see
In the morning days
I won’t be afraid
In the morning days
when the sun arises
I will see your face
and my life will never die
You travel in time
to temples of death and glory
In which temple will you pray one day
Can’t you see victory pays a price
Stop trembling and listen to my advice
I have made my choice
I will pray to the cross,
with the sign of a wounded lamb
So just listen to me
through Christ you’ll be free
Paint your picture in Gods holy hand

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