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Yes, time goes on, before this night !
Repeat all again.
Mute persons, mere words.
What for saying lies to me
Back, against, but not against me now,
Selfish bitch takes it full.
I am the one to reconcile it now but it is hard to me,
But I will manage to revenge you.

Round shades dance last time.
Now, fall on knees and you can rescue yourself.

Yes! before you say good night,
Say right now, this is pray for you.
Now - this time!
Your house has burnt ,
And nobody knows about it .

why she is again
why she never stops
I speak to but it splits
It will belong to nobody
I have been speaking for a long time it to it
She loudly shouted as her house was beautifully burnt .
Farewell darling we won't meet soon.

Lets dance! My life! Good time! Good night to my dreams!

Yes gun is reason,
Say that I am the peace
May be, I hate all things .
Somebody takes away with itself.
Somebody takes away with itself.

Make you cry down, make you feel it now.
You are gone bray day.
Always so indifferent to you, so indifferent to me, is someone with you
Who you never will reject, who never expel, as me then.

And remember only your face, only your eyes
My God who will forgive
My memory, my memory.

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