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It's not just air, it's life we breathe
From these ashes once was seen
A whole, a body, a voice, a dream
And from these ashes

It's not just time, it's life we spend
From these ashes once to be
From blood, from sweat, from tears, the Red Sea
And from these ashes

Whoever said "We only die once" never really lived.
And because of this we remain
Merely shadows of our old selves
Lay in this fire.

We will rise again,
From these remains I remain
Dust to dust
Oh just succumb (just to come)

We are bounded by marble walls
Free from ashes still is seen
A whole, a body, restraint from dream
And free from these ashes...

We are no more we hold this flame
From these ashes no box to store
A man, a woman, a child, a word
And from these ashes

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