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The Day We Left Town - text

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As the morning sun seeps in through a crack in the blinds
We open up our eyes
Let's get off this queen-sized bed
Where far too many tears have been shed
And dreams were left for dead
It's such a glorious day
So come what may
You and I, we're off to see the world
We'll put on our best clothes
Bring only what we need
Douse the walls with kerosene
Drop a match from the mezzanine
Get into the car
We'll watch it from afar
As the flames kiss the sky
There's only you and I
Let it burn to the ground
Cause we're not hanging 'round
It's the day you and I are leaving town
Let it burn, let it burn
Cause today you and I are leaving town
It's the day we're leaving town
It's the day we're leaving it all behind
You and I

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