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Lit the arena.
Filled it with cheers.
10.000 lighters, 20.000 ears.
The top of the world and the county line.
Job at the bookbinders.
Bills yet to go.
Drank 'till it all became something that we didn't know.
In Bradbury Heights.
Every song's a soul today.
Bradbury Heights.
Put the fog machines away.
45 minutes late to the stage.
Just caught the last song.
Tried but i can't stop the rage.
Hung with some good friends.
Broke them all down.
Wondering when you would notice that im not around.
And she, wasn't supposed to be mine.
But i didn't know that at the time.
And she, tried very hard but the light was
Fading out.
Lit the arena.
Filled it with cheers.
10.000 Lighters. 20.000 Ears.
Choked on our feelings.
Nothing to wash them all down.

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