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Stops for a blink
Letting the mask fall to the ground
And what comes to be
Looking this way
Offers us answers
Facing ourselves
When looking at you
Your court staring back
Glowing of truth
Reminding each other
That the lack of themselves
Is nobody's loss
Please let us hide
I'm missing my pride
And you
Call for the notion
This show is over
but the big one
goes on
Next time my back will be covered
and you
Will stay
The winding of me is
Far from success
Instructions for fall
As you lose your hook
and I spit it out
It still leaves a mark
Just a reminder
So many reserved
Am I still
In the game
Here look this way
See my charisma
Remember my name
I'm asking me 'bout myself
And I'm fine
So if there's no hesitation
Will you lead me to the edge
You sway
And I see... your way
You sway

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