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Lullaby for a Vampire - text

Hush now my little one, don't weep
The dawn is almost here
Close your eyes, little one, and sleep
We're safe here there's nothing to fear

'Cause when the sun has hidden it scorching rays
And the moon is riding high
We'll once again travel in our hidden ways
Sleep now, the time is nigh

Sleep now my precious, and dream
Of the forest, the lake and the moon
Dream of wonders, of places unseen
And we'll go there hunting soon.

They'll try to destroy us and harm us with lies
But we're safe here like bees in their hive
When you see the dread and the fear in their eyes,
Remember we're the ones -

Truly alive
(Sleep.. Nemi..)

Sleep now my precious
Hidden from light
Sleep little vampire child
We'll rise at dusk and rule by night
We're all that is pure and bright.

Text přidala Karin1831

Video přidala Karin1831

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