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Tale VIII - Siege on Zelgian - text


Rage upon the earth
The demons coming from the underworld
Covered by the shadows of the night
Evil army that was hidden far beneath
All around is lost, but there's you
Zhaldor, help us fight against the underworld
Save us from the creatures from below

Fight until the end of all our hope
Fight with all your heart until the end
And never shall
Our precious homeland
Fall to the ground

And so the hellish army
Stood along the Zelgian city walls
Then they were surprised by bolts of lightning
Fire tearing (the) darkness of the night
See the creatures blinded by the light

So carne the time I have feared
As said in the ancient scrolls
The glowing magic stone is shining
It must be found
- Our only hope to win this evil one
To ban him from our homeland

"Don't think this is the end
Someday I will return
Then terror will domain forever
And then my vengeance will be done"
When it comes to the time, we'll be prepared
Ready to fight

Fighting on...
(Until the end of all our hope)
Fight with all your heart until the end
(Fight with all your heart until the end)
And never shall this terror come to us again
Never again

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