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I swear
tonight I've heard about them
Some magic words
That have been used in their spells
Walking in caravans
Settle in places where they're never been
They gazed in the way people dream
They are living for our deepest sins
And I want to see
The show they have to prepare for me
I am been searching for another life
Another way to see things right
Without any pestilent beast
It's my terminal day
The dark will cover the light
For my surprise
You were not invited
For centuries
Mankind has seen
All kind of brutalities
Nothing's getting clear in my mind
It's obscured at all
Jump in the hollow on the wall
And you'll see your next fall
The force beyond the portal's calling me
You accept - to control your evil
Time still lost - you know how it can be
Contradiction - the side of the wisdom
I can't believe - just set me free
The force beyond the portal's calling me
But I don't care if I choose wrong ways
I choose the way to paradise
I draw the simple line of my days
Before the signs
Oh, just a moment
You had the chance to be my only friend
Dreams that you forget
On the holy hand, and again
Almost unreal is what that you felt
Cast your magic spell
To hide away from hell
... before I die...

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