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The Damned Man - text


Creator's lightning to show them all
The time of Judgement
When both king's and beggars fall.
He sits in silence. Will paralyzed
Decent in agony or is with the divine?
Stare at the picture. The colors sear.
Heart pounding. Gripped in fear.

Inferno rising to reap the day
He's struck so helpless as he's seized
And dragged away.
The final moment he'll realize his vile life
has made him marked in world's demise.

Stare into chaos. A shattered mirror.
Their wings are flying near.

Damned a soul to immolate.
Sinking with the wight of mortal sin.
Eyes in the celestial gate. One of dread
the other condemning. No...

Damned eyes of the beholder. Fall. Burn.
And behold ever more.
A caelo usque ad centrum.
From the sky to the center of the earth.

Text přidal paja65

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