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Divine chimera shining by the lake. The stars illuminate. You keep such a woman's shape. Evil enchantress leading me to sin. Through her doors she's beckoning to the warming bliss within.

Without trust yet without pain. Can't believe the bargain that I have made. Through the lies I've found the truth. Can't believe the time I wasted on you.

Well I cannot go back to my old role. Universe exploding in my soul. Living with a burning new desire. Faces there, dancing with me in fire.

Out here on my own. Never going home.

Chained down with a blanket of hot lead. Galaxies are crashing in my head. Red rivers raging out of control. Seeing things no one will ever know.

Out here on my own. Never going home.

Oh some tell me that I am impure. That all my goodness has died. But they don't know the thing I've seen, seen through my own idol eyes. How have I lost my Jesus? How have I lost my soul? Scream to me that I've evil. She screams to me from down below. Scream to me that I'm evil.

Stone eyes are looking at me. Trapped in this whirlwind of ferocity. Spiraling through the vortex and into an open sea. Over the chaos into the ultimate freeze.

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