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Lightning Cage - text


Sound the alarm! Sound the alarm!
The masses start to run. Like they know
just where they're going.
50 years on a mountain's face.
I've danced with epoch's winds.
And I know which way they're blowing.

Theirs are singing in their eyes.
Claret waters damned and running dry.
Fear the knife. Love the gun.
Flip the switch the masses start to run.

Procreation. Automation.
Oh, the discontentment.
Like we know just what we're doing.
Feed the mouth inside our brains with delusory chroma.
Can we feel just what we're losing?

Oppressed people sew their plash.
Wire veined. Electro-optic sight.
Love the bomb. Dread the sun.
Flip the switch the masses start to run.

Lightning cage. Brave new age. Lighting cage. You're all slaves! Now work!

On and on, you toil on. Your masters making lights in your head.

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