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Grand Deceivers - text


They wear their Venus skins in twilight.
Emblazoned eyes gaze on through wine.
We've reigned dawn into day as willed from above us.
Led ships, we still away.
Rocks in the darkness.

Snakes wear their Venus skins in twilight.
Tera hides ranges among the lush.

Malign, allure of thine. I bleed for its embrace.
Sing bliss down from the cliffs.
Your will above us.

Who yields the whip?
And whose minds are barbed?
Evolution destined once again.
Assassins slip through the dusk bizarre.
Employed by their own corrupt designs.

Whom to atone? To what god beg mercy?
Aimless, heretical culture now.
Inquisitors strike skin away.
Don their robes of right in courts of wrong.

Grand deceivers judge mankind.
Decide in the pitch night of the knives.

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