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Carry on the light, before the night is gone
The spirits of delight is free for everyone
Carry on the light, before the night is gone
Sing your song, for the princess of the dawn
The journey's hard as I run to my castle
The war is on, but the mind feels hassle
Of love and hate, bad and great
My queen is there but still I have to wait
For a woman, degree's a must
360°… Girl come with me
Because the knight needs a life to lean on
From morning to night until the break of dawn
Full awareness, never careless
Caress, oh yes, she has to have finesse
So bring it on if you fit you fit the picture
Then I'll get with ya and drop my scripture
Cuz the P-R-O-B-L-A-C-K
Needs a queen to fit me today
And if you're ready to let go
Then check the Swift as I start flow
A hard's day job, has come and now gone
Step in the room, and what I feel is gloom
Cuz it's empty, no one to greet me
Pain jumps in, only the mirror to meet me
So I sit on back, write my text
Ink flows through to I flex and plex
Not a love letter, only a live getter
Pen after pen, as the paper get wetter
The warrior, lyrical courier
Needs an amazon, and a strong type lover
What's it gonna be, a simp or me "G"
Emotional concept or a technicality
Not new to the game, so what's up ?
Gimme your heart or else stay apart
And I'll accept, one or the other
Princess or not I'm still the true brother

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