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Meltdown - text

Fishes swimmin in oil, crops are grown in radioactive soil
I've become the zombie that I am, and you can call me Megatron ManEons and ages we work for the wages
My fingers be doin the walkin on the yellow pages
Don't you just hate this, my phone's kinda bustedThe system's ancient and it's rustier than rustedI am infected and can never be corrected
Although I was breastfed, I can never be connected
The world's cursed with methods so perverseWatch the process of the universe in reverse
I believe leaves grieve in the forestry
Tears of sap is a mishap of the industry
Shield my eyes from the smog-filled skies
Cover my ears so I can't hear the liesI'm versatile, I was born to be a manchildThe urban jungle livin in the wild
But fuck it, I'ma survive!
Countdown for the meltdown, hear the sound comin from the underground (4x)
The Third World
Are we gonna make it?
The First World
Are we gonna fake it?
The Last Word
Who's gonna take it?Who's gonna steal it?Who's gonna eat it?Who's gonna do it?

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