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Love 4 Life - text

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Unify and do not divide
Fortify (go forth) and multiply
Sow the seeds of love and life
Love for life! Love for life!
All the shit on the news can't be real, I mean I've had enough I can't seem to feelAll the drama in the daily headlines. You want war? You want crime?
Peace is on the decline
I don't own a gun although I used to, but now am free and released from a culture of lies and violenceSo I use my pen to drop science and use inkblots and stains, to erase the remaining pain
But still I got questions that need to be answered
Lingering inside my brain like cancer
Swirling, flying in all directions
Can one reach perfection?
I think perfection is unattainable, unreachably unheard of. Who's to live and who's to die?Who decides who's crucified?Why must war be part of life?
So much anger and so much strife
So much pain, there's so much hateSo many leftovers on the plate
There's so many voices runnin in my headAnd you know what they said?
That's why I have a belief that I totally wanna followI stand by what I say that "TODAY WILL BE YESTERDAY TOMORROW"Is another day, another way to be a catalyst for changeA long range plan, part of a master plan that is to be attained
>From the bonds of oppression unchained!
But melodious like Thelonius, use my brain for the betterment
Cuz I can hurdle this indifference that be cloudin people's mindsHow many eras of hate? How many times will they shut down the gates
To oneness? Why strive for survival?
Is that the only thing you live for, huh?

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