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Friends - text

friends is a word we use every day
but most of the time we use it in the wrong way
now you can look the word up again and again
but the dictionary doesn't know the meaning of friends
now if you ask me you know I couldn't be much of help
Because of friend's somebody you judge for yourself
some are okay and they treat you real cool
and some mistake kindness for being a fool
we like to be with some because they're funny
other;s come around when they need some money
some you grew up with around the way
and you still grow close to this very day
homeboys through the summer,winter,spring and fall
and then there are some we wish we never knew at all
the list goes on again and again
but then these are the people that we call...
Friends,how many of us have been
friends,one we can defend on
Friends,how many of us have them
Friends,before we go any further
Let's be friends, they come in all sizes and shapes
try to count how many of them are we gonna make it a lifetime
we dont know for sure how many like a child take a candy
massive or plenty, or dwindlinif you life o' swindlin'
and dealin' and wheelin' or takin' heroin like weiland
la vie en rosem c'est la vie take a pause
will it include me, myself and I with a clause?
Applause,so selfish of myself
to forget without a friends, we be worthless
we won't even worth....
Pardon my linggo, my stilo's kinda harsh
We got to mingle,tickle them funny bones
Makes it a whole lot sweeter
Margarita, I be swayin' when I take the BJ flaming bikini
play godini, that's what I say

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