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What are the words of the queen on her throne?
Spite and splendour, cold under stone
This is her promise
What is the name of the gift that she brings?
Sleepless slumber under her wings
This is her promise
Cold, cold stone
Cold stone that buys and baits you
Cold stone that hides and hates you
Older than pride and pyre
Older than flood and fire
Here the swiftest beat will stop
Here the strongest man will fall
In her tower, in her halls
In her silent maze of cold stone
Cold stone to groom and grind you
Cold stone to make and mind you
Cold stone to bleed and blind you
Cold stone to break and bind you
And her arms won't let you go
And her weight will pull you down
And her breath is in your lungs
And her laugh is that of cold stone
What are the words that will always remain?
Hunger, sorrow, winter and rain
These are her promises

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