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[Intro] (Talking)
Yo man... Hey... Think about it
I went so... I got so far up man
Nearly I hit this Platoe
Then I started focusing on partying and shit
Then started popping those dam percocets
With drinking and fuck my whole shit up
It's the dawning of a new era
Tattooed, broken tooth and new era
I ain't where I'm supposed to be its a true terror
I ain't tripping I ain't cripping but I'm blue mirror
Mirror mirror on the wall do you remember me?
Was the fairest of them all
Then I dropped the ball And I was holding flats
Sometimes I feel like there's nobody that can hold me back
And sometimes I feel like its a wrap, I'm living in a trap
I'm giving all I got but they ain't giving nothing back
I'm battling depression in my head
I'm trying but ill prolly be aggressive till I'm dead
And everybody knows of my addictive personality
I chased my dream but I'm not living in reality
Cards are stacked against me too much time lost
God please help me.. why? cause I'm lost
[Chrous x2]
It's pretty crazy when your dream were so close
You could touch em now they seem like old ghosts
Now my memories are haunted, hope that they remember me
And maybe they still want it
Look, I ain't got alot of time left
Got a team but they don't seem to take no fucking giant steps
I try to tell em I could use a little help
That's exactly what they give me, gotta do it all myself
Most rap performers are just transformers
Pretend to be crazy I pretend to be normal
When listing to mad they immediately struck
Then immediately after they realized he's really fucked
I don't got no disguise concentrating on my art
Mentally demented I'm a monster in the dark
Little monster drinking monster walking in the park
With my dogs talking awkwardly but obviously sharp
They're asking me to make a club song on dubstep
It's where the money at but that shit made me upset
Maybe I am focused on my pride a little to tough
Or maybe I just love hip-hop a little too much
[Chrous x2]
I got a dark past hoping it'll disappear
But with the internet they still see it crystal clear
I need more time walking on the right path
Cause I've been fighting with myself it's time to fight back
I've done damaged to my brain I've done damage to my teeth
All this damage on the surface just imagine underneath
And life can be a beach with a beach chair
Damaged goods broken down need to be repaired
Hard for me to transcribe the pain inside
Doing drugs 5 years till it drained me dry
And if I knew back then what I know now
I would've saved up cash would've slowed down
Would've spread love would've gave back
Would've help show kids that theres a right track
I would've kept writing kept making music
Kept Battle Axe, kept executive producing
But now I'm back and I'm still alive
So I will give it all I got till they feel my vibe
I'm hoping and I pray they understand me
Cause if they don't fuck its too late to make a plan B
[Chrous x2]
[Outro] (Talking)
Still gotta open window
I'm gonna do one more big lap
Before I'm gonna call it a wrap
I know I still got what it takes
Fuck these little posers

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