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Came back in the game lookin’ like Sid Vicious
Five hours at the dentist makes a big difference
Changed my attitude now I don’t see no pigs trippin’
Sittin’ home, writing rhymes now the kids rippin’
I was Takin’ Oxys and Percocets
It’s like my mind was always floatin’ in a circus tent
Four years later. Now I’m flat broke
Went from being a hero of a country
To an Asshole
Five classic albums. Two bad mistakes
One of them when I was doing drugs
And had lowsy taste
I was hanging with the wrong folks
Trying to be something I was not, that
Was not dope
My mind was in a daze
Like Trying to wear a blindfold walking through a maze
Weeks turned to months. Months turned to years
Now I created what I’m living in my biggest fear

I didn’t realize how hard it would be to come back
I was so vain that I thought it would be easy to come back
And just like, have a second career
I’ve been workin at this shit for three years now
But I didn’t know when I quit doing drugs, that it would
Effect so many people in a positive way
I came back to my city where I was a king once and then
All of the sudden I was a clown, but I kept workin’
I got my weight up and then people coming to me
For help
[Verse 2]:
Kids asking for my help like it’s a magic trick
Like I could make them famous if I wave my
Fucking magic stick
The optimistic had to wave the devil’s advocate
Tell em keep on working, need to spit like
Fucking savages
I can see it in their eyes they think they know it all
And I ain’t got the time to give advice if they just blow it off
Get the fuck out of my way I’m trying to rebuild
Trying to get back up on top the mountain, it’s a steep hill
Cause I got people doing good and they are watching me
Their smiling workin’ hard, and attitude like no one’s stopping me
And I am happy for my friends I’m not a jealous cat
And they know that I’ve been to fucking hell and back
I’m spitting fire you can tell em that
Acapella rap. Holding bars like I’m a felon trapped
I am not looking for sympathy
I’m recharged ready to charge like in an Infantry!

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