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Im a dangerous demented fuck in a truck dented up
Venting cause im bent from drinking caffeine in a vente cup
Walk in to a club look at me like: "You don't belong here"
They run away like I'm a motherfucking bomb scare
Harsh dark cartoon character
Walk through the park, sharp harpoon carrier
The kids vicious like a pitbull terrier
Rip a subject from the Czech Republic to Bulgaria
Of course I'm scary, pirate with with a fortune burried right beside a mortuary, riding through an orchard on a horse and carriage
I left the games cause I'm sick of all the conduct
They wanna kill me like I'm fucking joker from La Honda
Lookin' for the light but I see trouble down yonder
Split personality, so im a double entendre
They tried to pull me down except for the knots
Now im a rebel you can revel in these devilish thoughts
My mouth is full of fireworks like its july 4th
Life force, look at my reflection like a mind warp
Time warp, giant iron dwarf on an iron horse
Riding high up in the sky above a lying crying corpse
Lets decide, a restless line with the best design
Hard wired barbed wired fence, I'm electrifying
Mystifying metal fists are flying from a chest of iron
Petrifying all you little insects I'm pesticide
Just been fired for being the least admired, I'm a beast at fire
I make a goldon reject teach fullfilling each desire
Introverted hermit turn myself into a true artist
These kids retarded they just party and they spew garbage
Your not a real gangsta, your not a crack dealer
Why the rest feel like they gotta rap like Drake or Mac Miller? Not me!
Rap immaculately I'm spectacular, dracula
I'm a fuckin wacko thats a track killer
I'm the underground king, underground king, underground king
When I'm around something special happened every time
I'm the underground king, underground king, underground king
Now it's clear that I'm here for a real reason

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