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Verse 1:
Yo, I said I'm dope like China white
Madchild, I'm explosive like dynamite
Welcome to the temple of doom
My life with people that's demented mentally loom
Life is bright and sunny, then eventually gloom
Now it's bright and sunny, dummy. I'm the gentlest goon
Wish that I could say I had the sickest platoon
But I am feeling all alone like I am in a cocoon
A fuckin' buffoon. Baboon, up in my room
I'm in a bad mood, feelin' like I'm stuck in a tomb
Don't ever fucking assume
Cause I got no one to impress and I got nothing to prove
I'm back in the booth. Dope, sellin' crack to the youth
Shit is fuckin' crack and I am rapping the truth, yeah
It's hard to fuckin' laugh when you are broke and depressed
Talkin' to someone that's rich, I wanna open their neck
And watch the blood drain. Sick of all the bullshit
Blood stain. Empty a full clip in your shit
Smashin' is my passion
Get mangled by a hundred ugly, angry, Anglo-Saxons
Tiger style
Tiger style
Verse 2:
I don't like this new shit, but what the fuck do I know?
White like an albino. I like vinyl
I love the Beastie Boys. I love the Artist's Cause
I love ripping your fuckin heart apart. I got the hardest claws
I've been around since Jaws and Deer Hunter
Lyrically I'm Mike Tyson. I'm an ear cruncher
Madchild, I'm Robert De Niro in the movie Taxi
I'm a wild Apache, a young Frank Sinatra. All my rhymes are catchy
Ten-thousand percent Bearbrick speaking Arabic
Cold as fuck, sitting high up. I'm on a chair-lift
Flip like a jack knife. Drip like a drag pipe
Spit like a brave heart wearin' a kilt with a bagpipe
White, so I'd love to get a Coppertone tan
Lying on tropic gold sand I'm an awkward old man
I'm made of steel. Skin is leather, heart is fiberglass
Put the fuckin kid on hyperblast. You need to wipe your ass
I'm a fuckin psycho on the mic. I go ballistic
Twisted, vicious, which gets me into mischief

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