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Verse 1] Madchild
I spit toxic and poisonous fumes
Fans have been exposed
Writing 'till my pen explodes
Fucking centerfolds
Fully tatted Dennis the Menace
I'm wearing tennis clothes
Make a grip like I'm an octopus with giant tentacles
Fully respectable spectacle I get technical
Holding bars like my brains a giant receptacle
My molecular structure makes me invincible
Started off the head of the class, now i'm the principal
Almost every move I make it is insensible
Make mistakes and fix it like the shit I did's intentional
Life is full of sadness
Method to my madness
Write another (that's that shit!) and add adlibs
People, watch for venomous snakes and hungry vultures
Cause their two faced. Nicholas Cage and John Travolta
Might be slightly schizo, but I'm not two faced
Pay for one, get a song, listeners get the group rate
[Hook] Madchild
Ayo, I write raps, save money and stay drug free
I don't let the little things in life bug me
If you love what I'm doing come up and hug me
All of us are beautiful. None of us are ugly
Nobody's looking down at me cause god's above me
Forget your troubles people everything is lovely
Work out, eat healthy and stay drug free
And write raps. I don't let the little things bug me

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