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Lawn Mower Man
I'm the Lawn Mower Man
[1st Verse]
Tell me who the best is
Break into your house
And come downstairs and spit asbestos
Tell Satan we gon' have a little exorcism
I'm a fuckin' super beast with gamma x-ray vision
It's good versus evil
Bax War Fam is understood by the people
Ain't nobody fucking with this monster I'm lethal
Prefontaine full of pain spitting ether
I ain't got no time for a breather
Cold like a freezer
Old like a geezer with reverb
I don't like a girl at my lever
Cause when it comes to bitches
I'm picky like a fucking pair of tweezers
Eh, eh I'm proud to be from
C-A-N-A-D-A better do what we say
Come up the stairs and write a song
And hit the beat hard
Babble on the track like I'm a hyperactive retard
Fuck! Shit! I swear like I got tourettes
Smoke a rapper easy like a lit up cigarette
Eat a rapper like he was a baguette
The way I spit I guarantee you're gonna never forget
Contort words, bend sentences like magic
I warp Smurf every ending will be tragic
You are beautiful, but you are gonna die
Don't wanna end up looking back
And say you coulda tried
[2nd Verse]
What if I was a butterfly
With a broken wing
Nighty night, sing a lullaby
I'm a vocal king
Not a local king, I'm a broke star
Swear so much I need to eat a fucking soap bar
Been around the world and fucked a few thousand chicks
Got a Range Rover but it's a 2006
I don't get a hangover cause I don't drink anymore
Life's better overall except Shane's plenty bored
I swear I've seen every movie on the motherfucking planet
Tried watching sports and still don't fucking understand it
I guess it's camaraderie, I'm a commodity
Fuck rap you've got a better chance to win the lottery
You are not in my velocity
Cause I'm an awesome beast
I'm quite possibly the best
You'll need a cross and priest
Not forgotten I'm still Mothra
I've got rotten teeth
You'll need a coffin
I'm a prophet and I often speak

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Lawn Mower Man


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