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Black Belt - text


It’s all up in my head
Aye, aye
It’s all up in my head
It’s all up in my head

I’m from Canada, I’m from Canada
Used to be an addict now I’m cleaner than a janitor
Open up my mouth its rapid fire from a banana clip
Shoot a bunch of manikins, I’m a fucking anarchist
I want a Grammy, our formats the Juno
Americans look at us like we're Borat or Bruno
I don't bathe got cooties still get my kudos
Warlock from Pluto, black belt in Judo
I do a bunch of lines and get a red nose like Rudolf
Watching porno wacking off in front of my computer
Last eight months I’ve been straighter than a ruler
And my medulla oblongata is a barracuda
But it’s a cold world man, colder than a cooler
It’s cold out there man, people have gotten crueler
I’m tryin' to get fat rub my belly like Buddha
And make a million spittin' punchlines like Luda

I’m going crazy inside my head
The sun is going black and the sky's gone red
Will I wake up in the morning or will I be dead
There is something very wrong with me
I’m going crazy inside my head
The sun is going black and the sky's gone red
Will I wake up in the morning or will I be dead
There is something very wrong with me

I want it all dog, I want it all dog
The money that I make is mine keep your paws off
Under my bed I got a Glocc and it's sawed off
I breathe fire, spit lightning and rap my balls off
Yeah, I am narcissistic
Plus a shark at business
My art is dark and twisted
On the roof I'm getting chased, by two cop vets
Trying to memorize my verse for
And life is full of pain and death no antidote
Life is fucking hard, I wish this shit came with a manual
I guess that’s why they read the Bible, it's Mr. Suicidal
You wanna live right, do the opposite that I do
Listen this is arson I’m a vicious martian
I leave you sleeping with the fishes it's the headless horseman
I was a friendless orphan, that got offended often
Now I’m a splendid boyfriend making an endless profit


And where I live there ain't nobody that is better than me
So I just rap in front of mirrors, my competitor's me
Now I’m battling myself, battling myself
I will kill you they will dissect your anatomy in hell
Assault Battery, my batteries are recharged
I'll kill your whole fucking album, with three bars
Yo that stupid customs officer's a retard
I need to get back in the States, with the green card
Skin kind of oily, my blood start boiling
I send you across the table lying flatter than a doily
Lucky like a four leaf clover super Grover flying down and
Punching out a ruthless group of stupid ogres
Imagine if Jughead and Veronica
Were listening to Jay Electronica while Reggie rolled the chronic up
Always stay on my guard wishing on a falling star
Walking down the street look like I'm 'bout to rob an armored car
I keep my lid low, I keep my brow frowned
Looking at the gas attendant like you better bow down
I’m a Boondock Saint wearing tube socks a new glocc
And 2Pac playin


Text přidal Atasuke

Videa přidali Atasuke, Paul_R

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Madchild texty

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