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Drunken Muse - text

We’re gonna whisper and shout
even if no one ever listen
there is just no way out
no way out from this prison

Sun shines through broken glass
it falls into your eye
let’s sink into the mass
and forget how to die

Even if we stay sober
Fight hard with all our heart
countdown is nearly over
and we will fall to parts

Who will come around and see us
who will turn around and believe us
no one cares , that’s a pity
let’s find out who is guilty

I feel a little dizzy
brain rising from the ashes
we will meet at the crossroad
where merry-go-rounds crashes

We’re staying under blanket
it is safe in here
until the evil is gone
so we can forget fear

Let’s go
let’s play tag with the warden
hide and seek with cheshire cat
steal turtles from the garden

Let’s go
we’ll end in the drunk tank
so what
They’ll never get us alive

Text přidal Morrissian

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