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2x Love = 2x Pain - text

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Twice the love makes double the pain?
I see her face in the girls around
I hear her calling outta hell
Death shuts the light and holds me tight
It was the way that she's been found
It was the fucking day that she hit the ground
That I found me a guy with no alibi
Blood and agony, blood and despair
Cold hand in mine [2x]
Falling down there's no doubt
Twice the pain makes double the love
Cold hand in mine, I feel her cold hand in mine
Walking down the misery lane
Twice the love makes double the pain
When I lay in my bed at night
I feel chills going down my spine
A crash course in revenge from the other side
I feel her grip around my fucking neck
Insanity's gonna break my neck
Won't forget the night I lost my bride
Blood and agony, blood and despair
Sickstarted my heart again
Been lost in a frenzied jealousy
The seasons changed, but without me
My crimson hands forever bleed
Haunted in eternity [2x]

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