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There was an accident in a chemical factory
Just 'round the corner not far away from me
And now my legs are start to turning
And my throat is really burning
I spit blood in the rhythm of my cough
I need to find out - what's behind
I need to find out - what's behind
What's behind the chemical factory wall
But the bosses just ignore me
And the news wouldn't tell me
And slowly my body falls apart
I remember the kids, they played in the streets
Well the streets still there but the kids lying in their graves
My hairs are falling out
No more eyes to look around
And the rest of my teeth are falling on my plate
Well i'm a mutant and there's nothing i can do
Soon i'll be dead but i wanna live i wanna be like you
Festering bumps on my skin
They put my body parts in a bin
Watch out for the chemical factory wall

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