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She's So Bad It's Good - text

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She's a one girl revolution, tattooed on the heart
A menace to authority, the devils last resort
Smashed the radio and turned life into a blast
On the fastlane she's runnin' wild
Some girls dig the soft way
Some girls need it nice
She wants it bad, makes us one of a kind
Convertions seems to be a waste of time
Don't you bother her, fuck off and die
She's so bad that it's good
Boil my blood deviant exterial girl
(gotta go now, c'mon oh yeah!)
I can hear the people talkin'
About the way she looks
The things that she stands for
Won't make it in your books
And if her street like charme
Won't pay the bills she wouldn't play the clown
If looks could kill
[Chorus x3]
She's so bad that it's good
Boil my blood deviant sexterial girl

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