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If I ever was a king would I live all alone?
Been looking out for a princess way too long
Who can share my throne
When I caught your eye
This fairytale came to a sad sweet end
You got me under fire
Unable to defend

A thousand questions
Burning in this heart of mine
You decide

I need it
You feed it
I don't wanna be deleted
Just tell me what do really you hide?
You play it
Please say it
Tell me my dues and I'll pay it
What can I do to make it right
You decide

If you ever be my queen would I lose all control
No more power neither might
I see myself now on a string baby
Like a puppet on a string baby
When you start to swing
Swing swing
You got me under fire
I want your sweet sweet thing

Text přidala Vallianka

Another Night of Passion

Mad Max texty

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