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Closed door, another fight
Two wrongs don't make a right
Spoken words not meant to be
It"s darker side of me

Cold heart, bitter tears
Two fools on a ship of fears
You cry while I can't speak
You're strong, but I am weak


Days like thunder
Nights filled with rain
I need your guidin' light
To save me, save me from this pain


The sun won't shine for me
The sun won't rise
Oh, please forgive me Lord
For tellin' all these lies
The sun won't shine for me, sun won't rise
It burned my soul away,
I'll die with open eyes

Deep down and in despair
I breathe, but there's no air
Too blind that I can"t see
There"s a darker side of me

Too weak to say a prayer
My fears won't go away
Has love turned to hate?
Say am I just, am I just too late?

Text přidala Vallianka

Night of White Rock

Mad Max texty

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