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Pryor town is shakin'
This place is dynamite
Welcome to the party
It's gettin' wild tonight
The girls are goin' crazy
Teasin' all the boys
From tulsa down to Dallas
"Cum on feel the noize!"

A heavy metal heatwave
Is burnin? from the sky
Four days to remember
Feels like hot july
Nothin' but a good time
All your friends are here
Ready for some action
You know we're back next year

Beads of sweat
Ice cold beer
Just two reasons we love it here

Love, peace & rock 'n' roll
Gonn ease my soul
Lo, peace & rock 'n' roll
Yeah you got it all

Meet you at the "Hard Rock"
Turn the music on
Dancing and tequila
Play your favourite song
"Daughtry" on the big screen
Right above the bar
Another "night of passion"
Ladies, "here we are!"

Cruisin' on the freeway
Ride "Route 66"
Tryin' to catch the blood red sun
Man, we got our kicks
Feels like "Rolling Thunder"
Our "Hearts on Fire" too
All we ever wanted
All our dreams came true

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Another Night of Passion

Mad Max texty

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