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Don't Talk It Over - text


All that you are is a pure pretender
So what you do with your story eyes?
All that you give are just empty phrases
Leading the road out of paradise

Better stay away better leave now
By bye let me go

I don't wanna talk it all over
All you do is make believe
Never gonna talk it all over
False prophet sellin lies so sweet

What you gonna do with your words of poison
I turn 'em down I hear no more
You gonna end as a fallen angel
Slippin out of our heaven's door

All that you preach is a world full of sorrow
You came and took all my dreams away
You steal the cross from the poor and lonely
On revelation day

I don't wanna talk it all over
I will try to hide this pain
Never gonna talk it all over
Drowning in a sinners rain

Text přidala Vallianka

Here We Are

Mad Max texty

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