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Can't you hear me callin'
Callin' thru the night
Everything you want is
Right here by my side
Don't you know your beauty
Took me by surprise
Just open your eyes

If you wanna see it
Just look behind the mask
Say what are you hidin'
Don't mind if I might ask
All you need is confidence
So baby let it go

Boundaries broken

Black Swan let's ride here with me thru the night
Colors will change you will fly into light
From the inside
Voices are whisperin'
Welcome the queen of the dawn
No more Black Swan

Does it come from within?
What does make you sad?
Don't be self-destructive
When luck is there ahead
Believe me you are perfect
Thrill me to the bone
Say you're not made of stone

Did u fantasize about me?
Was it any good?
Are u dreaming of me?
Certainly you should
You desire freedom
Just unchain your heart

Text přidala Vallianka

Another Night of Passion

Mad Max texty

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