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Sinister Monologue - text


Around the world these crazies jump around
Shooting with their rifles, showing off with guns
Trying to show us that they are really bad

What are you thinking? What's going in your head?
Fear your ship is sinking? How you made your bed?
What's coming out of it? it's really kind of sad

My sinister monologue
Once upon a time
Inside my jaded mind

You can take your choices how to live your life
Don't go round walking like a fool with blinded eyes
So many preachers trying to turn your head

My sinister monologue
Once upon a time…

Don't need a helping hand I've built the solid ground
Where only I will stand after all is said and done
There ain't no pot of gold, there ain't no promised land
I'll bite the demons head to be the best I can

There ain't no god to solve my problems
There ain't no devil that would do it too
I'll take all weight on my shoulders and live them through

I have lived under the lens
Deep in the world of creed and dominance
Lived by the rules of crazy mankind

My sinister monologue
Inside my jaded mind


I know the sadness, I know the times of joy
So many precious things has fallen to the void
The Phoenix rising. I've done all that before

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